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31 January 2012 @ 10:48 pm
Title: Red and Lacy
Author: sleepyheadset
Pairing: ScudxDeacon
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: man in lingerie
Summary: Deacon has a thing for red lace lingerie.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

Deacon had a thing for lingerie. Red lace lingerie was his favorite since he had sucked this Russian whore dry some decades ago. Usually he had made Mercury wear some short lace panties and the fitting bra for him, but since some time she refused to fulfill his wishes. Exactly since Deacon brought Scud home and started to share his bed with the pet more and more often. So he had to find himself an alternative...

Deacon leaned back in his leather armchair and lit up a cigarette. He took a deep drag and watched the smoke drift upwards in small curls. A smile crossed his soft features, a smile that spoke pleasant anticipation and complacence. The shutters in his bureau were closed so that no curious look could take sight of what was going on inside. Deacon himself had no problem with voyeurs. It could be quite the thrill to feel a pair of hungry eyes on him as he pounded into a wriggling and moaning body. But this had been the only condition his partner had made when Deacon asked him to do him a favor. So instead of the milky moon light the room was lit by the small lamp on his office desk. It threw obscure shadows on the plain white walls of the small room and the flesh around Deacon's fangs began to tingle at the thought of whose shadow was to join them soon. Pressed against the wall, bent over the table, lolling on his lap...

Deacon growled grimly and rubbed over his half hard erection through his slacks. Damn bastard took his time.

Just as he was about to call the door to his bureau opened slowly and a lean figure stepped in. Deacon's smile returned and he chuckled as he watched the young man step into the small light of his desk lamp.

“Took you some time, pet”, he said and let his gaze wander over the pale, slender body which was rightfully his. Marked with a glyph right over his left hipbone so that no other damned vampire would dare to touch him.

Scud snorted and carefully pulled at the fine garter belt around his slim hips.

“Seriously?” He threw the vampire an unsure look. Sometimes Deacon's sexual preferences still surprised him. It was his bad that he didn't expect this.

He was met with a hungry glare by his master and an impatient wave towards his direction.

“Shut up and come 'ere”, Deacon grunte and leaned forward until his elbows rested on his knees. As Scud came closer with small and unsure steps a million thoughts crossed his mind. One of them was that he should have done this much sooner.
He reached for his pet's hand and carefully but determined pulled him nearer. He dipped his head and kissed the dark glyph which was in such sweet contrast to Scud's pale skin. The human smelled so good, all natural and just a little hint of smoke. Deacon growled. With a resolute move he tugged at Scud's arm and pulled the smaller man forward. Scud winced but didn't fight when he straddled Deacon's lap, holding his weight up by standing on his toes. The thin silk stockings were slippery on the cold stone floor of the vampire's office room and the feeling of the smooth fabric on his skin made him a little uncomfortable.

Deacon let go of his arms so he could wrap them around the vampire's neck for some balance and instead placed them on Scud's hips, brushing over the red lace panties covering his lily white ass. The vampire panted slightly, one of the many things he had to remember to do again since his pet told him that it “freaked him the fuck out to sleep with a dead body”.
He straightened in his armchair and mouthed along the delicate throat of his human, feeling the steadily pacing pulse against his cool lips. His hands wandered down the round buttocks of his pet until they stopped and groped them wholeheartedly.
Scud groaned and ached into the touch, bending his back a little and making the scarred skin of his stomach brush against Deacon's soft buttoned shirt.

“That's it, Scud”, Deacon purred and nibbled the human's earlobe. “Let go, enjoy yourself a bit.”

Scud's hands slid down until they rested on Deacon's flat chest. There was no pulse and even though he should Scud couldn't get used to it. Of course Deacon couldn't get out of breath because of this and Scud hadn't decided yet whether that was a good thing or a bad thing.
When Deacon slightly pulled his butt cheeks apart and rolled his hips up Scud bit his lip to prevent himself from moaning. He wanted this, craved for his master's touch but he knew at some point Deacon would forget about gentle and just take what he wanted. Scud decided to enjoy the pleasant attention until then.
He leaned down and tenderly brushed with his warm lips over the cool vampire's. As he watched Deacon move through half lidded eyes he could see the slightly elongated fangs press against the dead man's bottom lip. Scud shivered and closed his eyes as he dipped his head to press against Deacon's lips more deliberate this time. He didn't want to get his lip split, not again.

“I waited for this for so long”, Deacon breathed and placed a quick kiss on the corner of Scud's mouth. “So, so long.”

He petted the human's back gently and at the same time thrust a little up to create some friction. His slacks were suddenly very tight and the heat in his groin was almost unbearable.

Scud got the cue and moved up to get rid of his red tight panties.


Deacon's hand shot up and took hold of Scud's wrist. The human stopped in his tracks and threw him a surprised look.

“Leave them on”, Deacon said and his voice had a sudden raspy note.

“What?”, Scud asked and tilted his head in confusion. “But how-”

He couldn't finish his sentence as Deacon grabbed him around the waist and laid him down on the cool wooden desk in one fluid movement. Scud panted, not sure whether it was from excitement or fear but reflexively wrapped his legs around the vampire's waist.
Deacon smiled and his fangs glistered in the dim light of the lamp next to Scud's head. His pupils were blown wide with lust and hunger and a deep growl made it's way up the vampire's throat as his hands roamed the heated body underneath. He scraped with the fingernails of one hand over the fine fabric of the deep red lingerie and cupped Scud through the panties with the other.
The human moaned and pressed up into the touch. The feeling of his master's cold fingertips instinctively awakened the need for more in him. It was a reflex, something which got repeatedly carved into his mind until it was something natural and normal. But Deacon was only the one who profited from it.

The vampire leaned down and sucked on his pet's pulse, all the time rubbing him through the thin fabric of his panties. Precum had left a wet dark spot on the surface and Deacon growled hungrily as he reached down for his zipper. With a quick move both fly and zipper were opened and pulled down and Deacon sighed in relief as his erection was released to the cool air of the office room.
Scud pressed up against his crotch, almost making the vampire lose the strength in his legs. He chuckled and bent down to lick a wet line up the wriggling human's throat.

“Can't wait for me to fuck you right on this desk, don’t you?”, he hissed and playfully bit down on Scud's neck. The pet gasped in surprise and instinctively tried to push the vampire away. But Deacon wouldn't let him get away. Scud could see it in his eyes. Gentle was over.

“Turn around.”

When he didn't react quick enough Deacon grabbed him by the hips and flipped him over onto his stomach, pushing all the air out of his lungs. He pulled him up into a kneeing position but bid him to keep his upper body and face down with a warning push to his head.

Scud pressed his temple against the cool surface of the wooden desk and tried to calm his rapidly beating heart. Of course Deacon could sense his anxiety but the vampire was too far gone in his lust drive to care about it. Scud heard the familiar sound of spitting and seconds later the lacy panties were dragged to the side and Deacon entered him with one hard thrust. He winced and his nails scraped over the smooth surface of the desk as his body clenched around the intruder. Deacon growled and bent over Scud's back to push deeper into this tightness that drove him mad every time.
Scud moved his hips a little, rolling them in a slow eight and tried to adjust to his master's rock hard and just as cold cock. Another thing he would never get used to, the missing heat of a living body in and around him.
Deacon snapped his hips, driving the last inches into his pet's body and groaned with satisfaction.

He had waited so long.

Scud's heart was racing by now. He knew Deacon would never hurt him and kept an eye on the fragility of his human body but his animalistic behavior awakened a deep-running fear in him every time anew.
The feeling of soft lips against his tensed up shoulders shook him out of his paralyzed state. Deacon brushed with his lips and nose over the soft skin of his shoulder blades, whispering sweet words of reassurance the whole time.

“Shh, it's okay, Scud. You're doing great. Just relax, babe, relax.”

They were just whispered words but they didn't fail their purpose. Scud relaxed against the feeling of Deacon's hands stroking his sides in a tender gesture and a sigh of relief left him before he could stop himself. But instead of a hit to his head for this Deacon chuckled and carefully pushed himself up.
He petted Scud's back and brushed over his still in lace covered tailbone. Then he began to thrust. Slow deliberate thrusts into the welcoming heat of his pet and with each move he earned another moan from the human in front of him.
Scud reached up, entangling one of his hands in his own hair and pulled slightly, intensifying the feeling of his master moving in and out of his heated body. His thighs were trembling and not only from the effort of holding him up like this. He reached down and stroked his own erection through the fabric of the lacey panties.
Deacon enjoyed the sight in front of him. His favorite pet coming undone just like that, moaning and sucking him in like that Russian whore had done.

With a particular hard thrust he took hold of the garter belt with one hand while he fucked his human right there on his office desk. The smooth surface would be ruined by this but Deacon didn't care. He was drowning in the feeling of Scud around him, clenching and moving back to meet his thrusts.

“That's a good pet”, he mumbled breathlessly when Scud arched his back a little, pressing his upper body further down onto the desk and impaled himself on his master's cock. Scud whined but kept moving, fisting his hair in a rather unloving way. Deacon shushed him and released his grip on his hair. There were strands of brown clinging to his sweaty palm and Deacon massaged the twitching fingers before kissing each one of them and carefully placing Scud's hand next to his head.

For Scud pleasure and pain was something which went along and couldn't be separated from each other and even though Deacon enjoyed this sometimes it hurt his dead cold heart still when he saw how his pet tortured himself like this.

“No, don't stop”, Scud moaned suddenly and bit down on his bottom lip in frustration. Deacon woke from his daydreaming and realized he had stopped his thrusting. He frowned and quickly picked up a fast and hard pace which sent both of them moaning and writhing.

“More!”, Scud cried and Deacon was happy to oblige. He fisted the garter belt in his hand harder and downright slammed into his pet's wriggling body. With his other hand he grabbed his pet's slim hips and held him in place as his sweaty knees began to slip on the surface of the wooden desk.
He rolled his hips a little and changed the angle of his thrusts. Scud yelped when Deacon brushed his walls hard, again and again. He squeezed his erection and stroked one, two, three times before the world around him exploded into a thousand bright stars and he felt like he was floating.
Deacon winced when Scud clenched around him, holding him in place and with this pushed him over the edge. He roared, Scud’s name falling from his lips again and again as he threw his head back.
Scud felt Deacon come and how his cold semen filled him up. That he would never understand the physics of a vampire was the last thing worming it's way through his fuzzy brain before he felt his master move and pull out of him. Scud sighed and immediately rolled onto his back. His knees cracked in protest and his back ached.
Deacon on the other hand seemed to be fine. He was leaning over his pet and pinned his wasted body in place. Cold blue eyes watched every move in his face with a slight amusement and something that came close to caring.

“You alright?”, Deacon asked in a quiet voice and brushed some sweaty strands of brown out of Scud's weary eyes.

He nodded, still too tired to speak a word. But he didn't need to anyway, Deacon could see that his pet was fine. He bent down and placed a last shy kiss on Scud's temple before he shoved his arms under his knee bends and back and lifted him up in one fluid movement.

“Time to take a shower then”, he chippered and carried his sighing pet out of the office room, already the next lingerie session in mind.